Over the years, the firm has been involved in the planning and design of numerous commercial redevelopment projects in many of the towns and cities in Southern New England. One of the most successful recent projects was completed in Enfield, Connecticut.

An important 3.2 acre site located at the intersection of Route 5 and Route 220 directly across from the Enfield Town Hall and the municipal green contained several residential structures that had been abandoned and/or fallen into disrepair. The redevelopment of this location presented several difficult challenges to potential developers due to zoning issues, access restrictions to the two State roadways, and multiple owners of the several small parcels that comprised the project site. A local developer, Troiano Professional Center, took the initiative to purchase several separate parcels to establish the 3.2 acre project site and then proceeded with the design and permitting process for a project that included an 18,400 sf building for a local savings and loan bank and a 31,500 sf medical building. The architectural features of both buildings were developed to blend nicely with the town hall and other major historic buildings throughout the area. Extensive landscaping and uniform architectural site lighting and other site amenities were used throughout the project.